ARCHIVES A book/coffee shop with turn of the century charm

INSTYLE Identity for a brand that produces fashion friendly tech accessories. It represents a clothing label comprise of circuitry found in electronic devices

OUTSIDER CHEF A NYC food blogger transported from northern Michigan where the Mackinac Bridge is an icon

VISUAL HUSTLER A graffiti inspired identity for an agency that caters to the urban community. What a mischievous smile!

SONIC TAP A home bar accessory that uses sonic vibrations to create the perfect beer foam and improve the taste.

GEM-WARE A bling inspired identity for a set of flash drives conceal as girly jewelry

MESSIAH My shot at an urban clothing line

BRONX LESBIAN & GAY HEALTH RESOURCE CONSORTIUM Smoking cessation program that targeted urban woman from the Bronx

PRISMA PHOTO Identity for a camera accessory brand. Inspired by the shape of a prism, the reflection of a camera lens and of course the letter “P”

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