XIT Packaging for a home bar accessory – Beer Dispenser. The product creates the perfect foam and improves the taste of beer which is imply visually. Also, once the package is open you are greeted with a pop of yellow similar to the color of beer before unveiling the product; therefore, creating a memorable customer experience

VOLTIX The Voltix brand wanted to include photography accessories in their product line. The graphics of this line were designed to be consistent throughout different economical packaging formats

VOLTIX Skin packs for a line of solar power banks. The fading dot pattern implies energy. Hints of color matching the product are contrasted against black graphic elements making it a cohesive solution for this mobile accessory brand

VOLTIX Heat seal blister for this portable power banks that featured a silicone color cord which can be used to hang the product. The cord is isolated on a black background so its color can pop. The rest of the product is place against a color area which matches the cord

XIT AUDIO The punchy color of this Bluetooth headset packaging is what makes this solution so eye catching. This is contrasted against black graphic elements such as the dot pattern which implies sound

XIT A collection of cooling towels. The cooling sensation is visually imply by the use of an ice texture. Also, the package can be used as storage for the product while in transit since the cap can be clip to a gym bag

VOLTIX Twist Out is a set of headphones that turn into speakers by flipping the ear muffs. This solution features a door flap that when open reveals lifestyle images showing both functions. The Twist Out was sold in Canada so the verbiage had to be presented in English and French

VOLTIX Bluetooth waterproof speakers. This is directly shown by the splash of water surrounding the product. Also, another feature is its suction cup which can be mounted on any surface

VOLTIX Uniform packaging for a photo mini printer and its cartridges

VOLTIX Packaging for a set of magnetic earbuds. They magnetically snap together and can be wrap around the user’s neck while on the go

XIT Packaging for an ionic hair dryer. When the top flap is open the viewer is surprise with a splash of green that is feature on the rest of the packaging

AGFAPHOTO This action camera packaging had to be designed under the AgfaPhoto brand guidelines. It features two door flaps. When these flaps are open, a window is reveal showcasing the product and also lifestyle images that capture the essence of this brand

THE DEAD BETTIES CD Packaging for NYC seminal punk rock band. Their sound has evolve this was represented with a minimalist aesthetic not typical of this genre

WHITE RIBBON HIGHWAY CD packaging for a Brooklyn based musician with a meditative romantic sound

28 BELOW WINES Wine label. Front graphic it's a homage to Anagrama. One of my favorite design studios. Can you spot the 2 & 8? Back graphic had to zero in on the fact that the wine is Brooklyn made

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