Jose Omar Valenzuela...

is a New York based graphic designer and collage artist. Born in Lima, Peru it is here that he was exposed to Japanese television shows such as Mazinger Z and Sankoukai. He also loved Superfriends and He-man and the Masters of the Universe these exciting shows woke his passion for working with his hands. He began experimenting with paper, colored pencils, scissors and glue. He used these early art supplies to create his own paper figures and playsets based on these shows.

During his pre-teen years, he relocated to South Florida where he learn English by attending a multi-national bilingual school, where he was exposed to different cultures. This experience would later develop his curiosity for traveling. At this time, he discovered comic books such as Batman, the Justice League and the X-men. It is also here that he started growing his 80’s action figure collection and love for 80’s New Wave music. While in college and realizing that all his peers where creative, he decided to give graphic design a chance. And it work by waking an unknown talent.

After college, he ventured to NYC to pursue his graphic design career. Here he gain experience as an agency, in-house and freelance designer. While freelancing, he also gain experience as a department manager in the legendary art supply store – Pearl Paint. Where his customer service, bookkeeping, and merchandising skills met daily retail quotas. He further develop his artistic skills by taking collage, bookmaking, silk screening and risograph printing courses in various NYC art institutions. He considers himself an explorer and collector this is shown in his collages, where he loves reconfiguring images. Working as a packaging designer, has given him the opportunity to step away from the computer and going back to working with his hands as he did when he was growing up in Lima.

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