TYPE@COOPER A concept poster announcing an experimental typographic workshop at Type@Cooper

HOLLABACK Poster and brochure campaign which was distributed in urban high schools. The campaign educates students about street harassment and how to intervene if someone is being harass. This poster was translated to various languages and distributed to other Hollaback satellite offices around the world. The literature companion was a 4-panel roll fold brochure

HORUS TATTOO A concept poster promoting a fictional Bushwick tattoo shop printed in 2 colors via the Risograph printing technique. Therefore, achieving a handcrafted look with welcome subtle mistakes

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY A concept poster that educates ways to alleviate the daily grind. It features 3D illustration rendered in Maya. The poster includes a QR code that when scan it will direct to the related article feature in Psychology Today’s website

BROOKLYN BALLET A concept poster about a dance production that celebrates the luxurious essence of gold

JAVITS CENTER A concept poster promoting an event for the 80’s action figure collector. The figures arrangement resemble what you would see when opening a toy box. See what action figure you can spot other than Panthro

28 BELOW STUDIOS A concept poster for a Bushwick recording studio. The letters are composed of soundwaves depicting a conversation of musical instruments which is what takes place at a recording session

CLUB NU A concept poster that celebrates a night of 90’s R&B jams at Miami’s legendary Club Nu.

THE KITCHEN A concept poster that captures the spirit of a new wave night at the legendary Miami Goth club – The Kitchen

NYC PARKS A concept poster that promotes McCarren Skate Park in Brooklyn. Inside the slogan “Live Concrete” is a collage of various concrete sections of the park which skaters will live for

PSYCHEDELIC CIRCUS A concept poster teasing an upcoming outdoor music festival in Gohlen, Germany

GROUND TO BLACK GRAVEL Book jacket design for a collection of poems and prose that spans 20 years. The colorful hand drawn spirograph signifies all the ideas captured during those 20 years

CAMEL Ad celebrating the 50 years of Playboy

CAMEL Direct mail invitation to a tobacco tasting event

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